humor / office work

Mr. Meaner

Mr. Meaner dresses to the nines

rustles through the halls

and fuels the grapevine

He’s got that corner office

and a new suit to match

the chatty girls in purchasing

think he’s the perfect catch

With his slick hair

and discriminating tastes

his better than thou demeanor

countless hours he wastes

Mr. Meaner,

man, he’s greasy

and the thought of him

makes me queasy

To the max he upholds a policy

and more like the Grinch

he seems to me

Meaner enjoys turmoil

an instigator to the extreme

a well coiffed old guy

within the townie regime

Pure snake oil

saturates his attitude

that Mr. Meaner

a cosmopolitan dude

He only wants to see

and to be seen

Oh yes Mr. Meaner,

did I mention

that he’s mean?


13 thoughts on “Mr. Meaner

  1. What a delightful kicky poem to read. I believe that Ogden Nash would find your poem well written and one of his favorite poems to read.

  2. After posting my comment I think that Dr. Seuss would feel the same way as Ogden Nash would about your poem.

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