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Photo Friday

grunge motel sign

Well, I decided to post some photos since I have not done so lately.  Geez, the year is almost half way over and I haven’t really even taken any for 2015.  Unbelievable…time, really it does fly.  I really like how you can take a plain photo, then turn it into art, or at least, I call it art, ha ha.

carnival comic

Who can resist the carnival?  I still love them today!

chalkspiration fire

This is a house fire (very unfortunate 😦 )  done in “Chalkspiration.”

Hotel Strip One

This vintage fifties motel sign, I did absolutely nothing to….

kyobik sign

But this sign, I did manipulate 🙂

May End downloads 2013 045

Once more with the carnival…

Memorial Black white statue

City Hall statue

nir statue

And again….

May End downloads 2013 019

There’s a whole “row” of vintage hotels here that used to thrive back in the sixties, one of which, although run down, is still open.

May End downloads 2013 016

Old trucks…

trucks vectoon

Once again…

romantic yucca

Flowers…(Red Yucca)

yellow fotosketcher paint

This is some weird drought tree…I want one!

flags antique

And in honor of the upcoming holiday….

flag warm glow

Happy 4th of July!


5 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. This was a fantastic collection of photographs. I enjoyed the nostalgic tone of some of them. So appropriate for the upcoming holiday. Happy 4th of July, L.T.

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