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The Cone, The Collie, and Me

Sam is not just a dog,

no he’s more than that you see

He’s a Border Collie

which means he’s smarter than me

The summer brings heat,

a morbid time of the season

And Sam won’t take heed

or listen to reason

He is treated for fleas

and multiple woes

Allergies and irritations

too many foes

With all that scratching

the things that bother

His skin can rebel

causing one thing upon another

Green eyes keenly watch me

upon my arrival home

Because he definitely knows

I’ll be breaking out The Cone

He hates it with a passion

that you can understand

Sam thinks all those cones

should certainly be banned

He takes for a spin

on a fit to bend and bash

Hoping that his cone hat

will end up in the trash

I have learned that “calming treats”

are not for him, not what he eats

It all ends in a standoff

with the things I have to buy

Determination and Dog Watch

are the reasons why

If I can hold out

to tackle another day

Me, The Cone and The Collie

it’s a little game we play…..

“Help….I’m surrounded by morons!”


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