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Book Reviews

Aries girl,

where’s that book review

that you promised to do…


Now I see

that I’m way down

in that heap

past cookbooks, travel stories

and novels of dreams

And still it truly seems

A couple years have passed

and there I am

inviting people to

places unglam

Reviews, reviews to

get on a list

the one ebook

not to be missed

My own daughter

was an Aries almost

but ended up as the Fish

with a penchant for the coast

About that book,

I’m afraid I digress

could you bump it up a little

with some glib to impress?

I’m floundering about

in a vast, vast sea

The years I crafted

that book

are well behind me…

Should it be an E-form

or a book in print?

Should I have taken those years

and used time better spent?


5 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. I cannot relate to this fully, but I spent a couple of years sending around my children’s books and learned it isn’t easy in any genre. . .
    I hope you will find success and I do believe in rants on blogs. I feel it takes away my sugar coated image. Smiles, Robin

    • Thanks Robin, you are right, all the legwork involved in getting attention for work is monumental. There are so many terrific writers out there (lots of amazing ones on WordPress). I have written for years, but recently have been trying to reinvent myself. Blogging is a great forum for self expression. Thanks for your comments.

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