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She Hit the Floor….

When grandma retired

she refused to be alone


She went downtown

joined the 50 Plus Zone

She even met a guy

whose name was Burl Gudbye

Granny didn’t trim her grass

but went to fitness class

Gentle yoga taught her poses

Burl bought her red roses

Karaoke singing songs

and days lasted long

Burl dressed like Ringo

at Saturday night bingo

Grandma stopped shopping Walmart

and got into art

Selfie extravaganza – she did strike a pose

Posted pics of Burl – playin’ dominoes

AARP class, who needed it?

She even sent back her sewing kit

We hardly ever saw her

she never was at home

Just pics of the two of them

on the cell phone

Then one May a tribute band

came in town to play

And things were never the same

since that day

Grandma had liked the Stones

since the Days of Yore

So Burl got the tickets

and they headed out the door

At the show they rocked

and did it up so fine

Time travelled back

to 1969

As it was over, poor Burl

ditched his phone

Broken-hearted Burl,

went back alone

Cause it seemed that grandma

was more than just a fan

a backstage pass, a black mini skirt,

a groupie for the band

Because the Mick Look- Alike was

sharp as a dagger

And yes you guessed it,

he moved just like Jagger



14 thoughts on “She Hit the Floor….

  1. I really liked this playful post, hoping my poetic adventures get as exciting as Grandma’s. Maybe someday for me, it will be another siuation and I can ditch the male friends and ‘get it on,’ with a jazzy blues playing ancient rocker 🙂
    ♡ from a Nana of 6 little “grandies.”(Robin)

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