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Call that Customer Service Rep!

Of all the days to live, the best day of all

is when I get to place

a customer service call


You can always trust

“Your call is important to us”

There will be some time to weigh

listening to the music play

Finally a customer service rep will appear

to give instructions that are perfectly unclear

While I deftly moan,

he asks, “Is the green light on?”

Or maybe, “tell me what you see”

as I balance on one knee

Is it this cable or that?


Nevermind it’s the tail of my cat

“Wait,” I say to the phone,

but it’s way too late you see

Now passed on

to someone better able to help me

The new guy might be from Yugoslavia

…or maybe Transylvania

My hysterics begin to mount,

He sounds just like The Count!


“Vee vait vor you…”

Now the light is blue

At wits end we stall,

and place that service call

“In two short weeks,”

he says without a smirk

The cable then, will finally work!


6 thoughts on “Call that Customer Service Rep!

  1. Oh gosh, yeah, I often have to place my husband on for those calls as he seems to have prior knowledge of what a modem is…ha, ha! And then, if you don’t get results, they tell you someone will be out in two weeks!!

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