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Impropriety on the 20th Floor (Short Story Excerpt)

Nobody knew how the freezer came to be delivered at the law firm. All that was known was that the receptionist went to make coffee and when she came back to her desk, there it was in the middle of the lobby. A large silver metal freezer with a black handle. No tag, no papers, just sitting there taking space.


“Ahh, Mr. Sellers, you might want to come out and take a look at this.”

“What is it, Edith? I am really busy.”

“Somebody has left…uh…what looks to be a freezer in the lobby.”

“A freezer? What do you mean? Is this a joke?”

“No sir, somebody left a meat freezer in our lobby, and I need to know what to do about it.”

“Ill be up in a moment,” he snapped. One just couldn’t depend on support staff. All the little people in the world worming their way about day after day. They were simply too ignorant to take a comprehensive course of action, it was impossible to expect them to think for themselves. They needed leadership from people who knew. So Mr. Barnaby Sellers the Third shoved his most important brief aside and strode hastily up to the front to look at the freezer.

“Edith, can’t you just find a tag and call the delivery company and have them pick it up? It’s obviously a mistake.”

“Uh sir, I can’t find a tag on it,” she said.

And they looked all over for the tag, but the freezer had none. It sat in the lobby reflecting the sun’s rays that filtered through the mini blinds.

“Martin, take a look at this,” said Mr. Sellers.

“Why, whatever do we need a freezer for? asked Martin.

“We don’t need a freezer. It has been delivered by mistake.”

“Maybe we should canvas the staff just to be sure. Maybe there is a party or some benefit thing going on,” volunteered Martin.

So they sent an e-mail message throughout the firm:


Everyone began to filter through looking at the freezer, the lawyers looked down their noses with disgust and the secretaries laughed softly to themselves…..


5 thoughts on “Impropriety on the 20th Floor (Short Story Excerpt)

  1. A freezer you say?? Odd. If it were a refrigerator I would definitely take it for myself. If it was left in my office building, I could store ice cream in there and eat it all day.

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