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Geek Friends

This poem I dedicate to the Best Buy Geek Squad. Computers are such entertaining machines….not!


Just this past week

misery non-stop

That veritable moment

trouble with the laptop

That weird little exclamation point

on the computer sat

Wouldn’t let me connect

to the Internet

I typed all sorts of things

into the CMD

And nothing but a blank screen

staring back at me

I need new friends and

no more freaks

I need to meet

some super geeks

I’m a looser with prompts

I don’t know Bios

On the third reboot

I say Adios

Virus…dreaded word

could be solved

with a computer nerd

The wearers of white shirts

find quickly where it hurts

In an added perk

They’ll connect to the network

Insteadc of me mulling

pulling my hair

A geek in a suit

sitting in my chair

So why ask what does it mean?

When jibberish takes over your screen

As you sit there blank

needing help a lot

Don’t navigate alone, the Land of the Bot

Free up your time, no need to hate

Let a geek install the latest update

They will travel near or travel far

Volkswagon makes sure

the geeks have a car

The next time things get hazy

I need a geek who won’t drive me crazy!

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