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Human-less Resources

She arrives in a white shirt, crisp and neat


Smart phone intact, never misses a beat

She was queen of the pocket organizer

back when we had those

She was just trying out

her professional clothes

Those interview questions,

she’s got them down pat

She runs lean and mean

not an ounce of fat

She is ignorant of

most people out there

There are resources to direct

not an iota of care

Savy with a laptop

and bent on the top

Miss Thing is PowerPoint perfect

and made to direct

She will line out those nerds in I.T.

Then fire off a bossy email to me

One day she will attain

that corner office up high

oh stuff her Human Resources!

I’ll quit to bake pie


7 thoughts on “Human-less Resources

  1. In a small business you can’t rebel against human resources cause you are human resources. And boy does it stink threatening to dock your own pay for goofing off instead of working. Lol!

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