people / small towns

Townie Town

It’s Townie Town

where the clowns clown



Undaunted by arrogant mishaps

pulling themselves up by their bootstraps

A fine group of yes men

to get under your skin

They don’t get or give help

side to side, an awkward two step

Here they are, hillbilly homies

conservative freaks, religious phonies

They won’t become dumb

sipping red draws in a slum

Load up the truck

to try their luck

be faster to haul

before oil prices further fall

Okay with others having less

They shut the door to progress

Once a week they sat on their sacred perch

finding false comfort in a white church

The bigger the hat, the louder the chat

Verbatim they attempt to connect the dots

by advising us all with their parting shots

The only thing tolerable in this demographic

are places to park and completely no traffic.

Photo Credit:  Pixabay 


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