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Purple Redemption

The old dog and I are walking

when the storm breaks bold

far from the house

we are helpless


the lightning crashes in the distance

as if thrown from an angry hand

old dog’s eyes are cloudy and weary

running isn’t an option

my skin is alive

with electricity

having been too long in this

part of the country

many have walked in the shadow of death

here in tornado alley

I look around and see

a lilac bush in full bloom

the scent of purple passion

overlapped with wysteria

the wind gusts

I lead my old dog there

where we huddle in a lilac cave

the raging rain bursts

like diamonds crashing on pavement

like hope sparkling on the starved earth

a purple paradise

we have found a spot of grace in a moment

old dog looks at me as if he knows

that he is not long for this world

that my future is shaky

but we are here for now

and we are safe

he understands my bad decision

to walk when we shouldn’t

but I knew he wanted to go

as much as I did

the two of us

alone at the edge of the world

still traveling Robert Frost’s road

as the miles stretch before me

and my old friend contemplates

all the lilac in heaven

and all the love in my heart


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