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Dear Miss Malicious Once Again….

Dear Miss Malicious….


Why are you using that title….didn’t one of the Mob Wives get into trouble with that word?

Nope, she got into trouble using “delicious” and she said that her friend’s boyfriend smelled that way and started a big stir….I use malicious because I just like the alliteration. I am actually quite nice and daring, sometimes I even use double negatives.

Why did my craft project copy of Stella & Dot’s statement necklace NOT turn out like it was supposed to?

Probably because your Ipad crashed to the floor during a cat fight involving multiple angry felines in the middle of the You Tube instructional video while your teenager almost caught the house on fire.

What have you found to be the best diet tip?

Not eating and looking at Photoshopped selfies on Facebook.

Do robotic vacuums work?

For cleaning, no. For feline entertainment, yes.

What’s the worst thing about becoming older?

Everything. Or maybe nothing….I forget…


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