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Pesky Word Repetition

Every now and then I catch myself using the same word…over and over. How is it that one word just keeps slipping in and you end up with a paragraph where you have used it like ten times? In my job, I have to write things that aren’t nearly as much fun as WordPress. Currently it is proclamation season, and our mayor is proclaiming right and left. That’s where I come in. Researching, thinking, writing them out. Tax Fund Month, Eagle Scouts, 50th Anniversary, Deer Fest (yes, deer, that’s correct 🙂 So on Friday, after a particularly short, but tiring week, I was writing away and the word H E L P kept coming up.


“Help to build a better future….help to create harmony…help to create awareness….help to teach….help to foster a stronger something….help the community….help the historical society….help for me too maybe?


No matter how hard I tried, help just kept right on popping up. It is really hard when you are bored, and you have possibly written the same subject matter for three years in a row, sometimes you just run out of things to say. Maybe it was my subconscious asking me for H E L P.


It’s a new week with new proclamations to write, it is spring, after all. I may need some H E L P, some inspiration. What will quell all this proclaiming commotion that is inspired by the rebirth of a new season? Well possibly it will be the premature summer heat that settles over this region all too quickly. Spring only lasts about two weeks here, and that’s good or bad depending on how one chooses to look at it. Inspiration Station….happy proclaiming everybody!


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