Memos From the Nineties

To: Frank the Fearless

From: The Environmental Watchdog

Re: Continuation of Previously Explained Problems


Frank, as you recall we have experienced a new threat here at MDCK, in the form of giant, dust-mites and unorthodox air circulation. New evidence has lead me to believe that it is a symptom of an even much bigger problem. Yes Frank, looks like we are the victims of some sort of paranormal, supernatural activity.

Today I witnessed a personality transition between John and Jim. Imagine my surprise when John burst through the door singing: Boom Shocka Locka and Jim came in right behind him quoting presidential trivia facts.

Then as I shared my lunch with one of the dust mites (actually pretty nice fellows once you get to know them). I felt as if the world as we know it would be no more. During this lunch, I did explain to Huxley, the Dust Mite, that Bob Q. was the actual enemy, and he should go after him. He tried to bite my toe and winked at me as he ran off with my Snicker’s bar.

Other significant psychic phenomena have occurred, such as Henry trying on Dan’s superman cape and Paul being rendered speechless. Therefore, I’m convinced that we’re dealing with something big. While I might be able to win over the dust mites, this paranormal air vent activity can’t continue, if it does, I think in all possibility, we may have to shut down.


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