Memos from the Nineties

Memos of the Nineties

To: Working Team


Re: Dust/Air Circulation


Frank, it has come to my attention that our area has been invaded by giant, man-eating dust mites! One attacked me as I was trying to obtain a red pen from the supply area. I threw the Good Book at it and then had to run for my life. Then, I noticed an air flow problem as it appears that an airwave came down and sucked up Paul’s thoughts and swished them into Dan’s mouth. Imagine my surprise as Dan then expounded for 2 ½ hours on the are of newts, snakes, and alligator gar.

Frankly Frank, it is highly doubtful that I can continue to work in such an oppressive atmosphere where any day I am endangered by eternally looming, viscous dust mites with the constant threat of being sucked into an air vent and held prisoner by a lost village of dust mites for the rest of my life here at MDCK. Is there no justice in the world?

Will you check this for me? ASAP!!!


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