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It’s Only Rock N Roll but it’s Poetry Too

Hello Music Lovers out there.  In support of Indie artists of all types, I would like to give a shout out to a favorite band of mine: the hard working, hard rocking Hell on Wheels band from San Francisco.  Those who are old enough might remember when musicians actually played musical instruments, well check.  Remember melody…check.  How about poetry?  Yes, good songwriters are great poets too…check, check!

My two favorite songs:  There’s Been a Change

“I felt this way in my past, a Maryland September day.  I may not ever come back, but I gotta be brave…”

“There’s been a change, something that happened to me…..One day the sun will shine in, God only knows if I’m to die or to live…”

And can you beat that will all those amazing guitar riffs?

Also a throw back to the softer side of rock, try the song: Hold the Line

I would invite everyone to check out the hard rocking sounds of this terrific band.  While you’re at it, head on over to Facebook and Like their page:

Thanks so much…and of course, Rock On!


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