What Came Out of the Fire

What came out of the fire

was at first surprise, disbelief


and a mad scramble to retrieve

the material items

lost dreams

a bit of hope from a small canister

digging among the ashes

sharp shock strong enough to cut bone

hatred and betrayal enlivened by the flames

the aide of a close friend who tried

as the flames climbed

echoes of souls burning

although the faithful watched silently

severed ties, broken family

the mourning of a heartless mother

through the smoke

a bland day made its mark

karma smote material greed

the mirrors, although charred, reflected toil

dark neverending heartbreak

smoke…ash….water…mud sludge

as sacred water ruined the leftovers

abandoned animals crouched – no good home here

flames engulfed that house

burned through memories

bad memories too

the sting of abuse

the cycle of crazy

there was no smoke

dense enough

to cover

the rot of self-esteem

the emptiness of tomorrow, a molten mess

broken banner boy

you’ve been alone

stuff your raggedly things

in plastic bags

take your damaged self from here

the belligerant bloated one dismisses those below him

with his evil scowl

he remains full of hate

his damage is done

the wayward boy walks

everywhere he goes

ashes fall from him

the smell of smoke permeates

all he has left

What came out of the fire was this:

anguish, bitter, deep hurt – it burned

golden trinkets destroyed – the playing field leveled

homeless aching pain – in flames

incendiary fear – a burnished sun bleeds


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