Dear Miss Multi-Tasker….

Dear Miss Multitasker, you have not been writing lately, so what have you been doing?


I have been illustrating.

What? You can’t even draw stick people, why are you doing that?

Because I have to…I’m sort of publishing a children’s book, and I forgot that you have to have drawings with that…

Children’s book…how do you sort of publish one?

Well it’s a small publisher that I’ve never heard of and can’t really find out much about.

Is that bad?

Not at all, isn’t it better to do that than let it languish under the 1999 tax return and my recipe for Fantasy No Calorie Chocolate Cake?

So how are you coming up with drawings?

Let me just say one word, or maybe three words: cartoonize your photos.

Really, you can do that? How does it turn out?

Well, it turns out….

Will it ever get over 30 degrees this month or will we all die?

Looks like we will die.

So what’s the book about?

A 4th grade boy who is into sports and has a short attention span.

That’s genius, I’m sure it has never been done. Why didn’t you ever come up with an orphan wizard or a sparkly vampire?

I have asked myself that question many times….I did come up with an ashen lady who comes out of a lake and who is either magical or crazy depending on how you look at it…

Fabulous, and how’s that working out for you?

Just great, I’m still here in wonderful obscurity with a 4th grader named Nathan who has a short attention span, drawing stick people, and freezing to death in this hideous January weather….


4 thoughts on “Dear Miss Multi-Tasker….

    • Yep multi-tasking, that could cover most of us 🙂 I am definitely having to get creative, the drawing talent has always eluded me. Too bad on the chocolate cake though, I had a wonderful piece of the real thing over the holidays :)) Here’s to warmer weather….

  1. Publishing, oh wonderful! I love children’s stick people. There’s an art to that. There’s doodle apps on Smart Phones you might want to try out. I like the Sketch Guru. You might be surprised at what you can do.


    • Hey Lily, thanks for the tips! I have also been using Youtube where people show you how to draw things, some of those have a copyright at the end, some don’t, so I assume they are teaching so people can draw and use them. I may put a sample up and ask to see if anyone knows differently on that. It is amazing how creative we can be though, when we have to 🙂

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