What happens when the funny girl tries to be scary….

This is what happens when the funny girl tries to write Apocalytic-Science Fiction-Horror… it turns out, well just a little bit funny. Why is that? Well I just don’t know. There are fiction sites on the Internet that may be new to some people. These are Wattpad.com and Fiction Arcade.com. I have started placing short stories on both sites. You can register to read stories on Wattpad for free, and for a small fee on Fiction Arcade. For writers out there, you can also post stories for free on Wattpad, and although they say its free at Fiction Arcade, it still cost me $5 to create an account.

I thought I would do something a bit different a story when I wrote : And They Came, it’s all about a city that runs out of water because of Alien Water Vampires… (I know, ha ha). Of course all of you young folks, that grew up and didn’t listen to 80s music, and don’t know who Devo is will miss the joke, unless you look them up first :))

And they came

So here’s an excerpt:

When the water first started disappearing, people didn’t think much about it. Thought it all had to do with the Great Drought. We didn’t know it was them. They came from another world into ours…..

We were outside when my friend Leila showed up. “Can I stay?” she asked in a thin voice. I loved her like a sister. She was so beautiful. Leila had been an SMU cheerleader back in the day…

“How are the nights out here?” she asked.

“They have not come yet,” I answered. But the other day, Cloud Walker had felt eyes watching him in the woods, red, haunted, dried eyes…..


Something hit the window. We jumped up.

The one that seems to be the Leader, the one with razor eyes. His name is Devo,” said Leila.

“Like the rock band? How do you know they have names? They are creatures?”

Why had I let Leila go? Why had she sacrificed herself?

I opened the door.

“I hear they call you Devo. Well Whip It!” I said….


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