Trash TV

Soap Operas, those iconic, once very popular pastime from the days of yore….


A couple soaps are still hanging in there, fighting for their place in the land of New & Changing Times. I must admit, for the past eons, Days of Our Lives has been my 60-minute mental health break. Why? Because…its a good way to forget about deadlines, stupid policies, deadlines for stupid policies, busy work, under payment, and no appreciation. In Soap Land, I can be a spectator to watch the unlimited fiascos of the not-possible happen regularly. The soap people have problems and circumstances that help balance the daily grind world. Where else can someone die multiple times but continue to come back AND look even better than before? What about the comas…the hospital equipment ticking, stopping, uh oh – a tearful goodbye, then wait….he’s back! Take my girl, Days of Our Lives Kristin. She dies, disappears, dies again, comes back. Thin as ever, as if to say: “Hello dahlings, yes it’s me, forever thin and in an outfit that costs more than your house, and let’s not forget: ageless. Deceit? Amnesia? It’s all still here.

I used to think that I would never watch reality TV, but sad to say, chalk that up on my I-hate-to-admit-I’m-Guilty-Of-It list. Although it is a sort-of reality. Take the Mob Wives, more betrayal, deceit, being quite physical….and well, I’m really not going to say anything about the Mob 🙂 Then there is Southern Charm – inebriated, rich, judgment-impaired southerners with nothing to do except plan their next outing. Beverly Hills Pawn Shop, this is a worthwhile endeavor to check out the manicure colors of the attendants. Lastly Beverly Hills Housewives, this show is genius, these ladies would not know a significant problem if it slapped them. Its tremendous fun watching indecision over the catering list. And while we’re at it, enter not one, but two, soap opera actresses from where else? Days of Our Lives, of course. Yes that’s correct, these ladies have been through turmoil, car wrecks, comas, kidnappings, ten or more husbands, corporate takeovers, baby swaps. Yep, my escape from the everyday doldrums is looking up. Happy winter TV season!


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