World Gone Dark

Okay, so I usually write funny stuff, it’s just every now and then…do I think the world is ending?  Nope not now….So what inspired such darkness…..the ever shrinking water supply in Texas.  Good news is on the forecast though in the form of a promised El Nino in the fall, so let’s hope….

World Gone Dark….


Through morning of darkness , making the path forward, stay ahead – positive

don’t tilt toward the spiraling staircase going down

that cast out pit, dug after the big war still warns of demise

technological separation

those of us cast off into a motherless world

a world without familiarity, touch or comfort

don’t trip walking that tight rope

the abyss is great, survival is impossible

where did they all go? The ones who once embraced truth amidst fiction?

Find your way out

passages of despair, city of fools

in a book too voluminous to read

hurry about – rodent on a wheel

no idle time for you

still a fatted pig, but too sour to eat

go outside into a cast off world

wait for Armageddon

you were warned about the 20th century

behold the next…

no need now to view that handful of dust

to feel fear, fear rampant and invisible

it strengthens with the blowing wind

face masked in dust while watching the lakes dry up

wonder where there once was to go

what is safe, warm, inviting

cruel, hard world

rough edges, dark depths

black paint-covered canvas

where to go, what to do?

where is your strength in the early, dark morning?

loosing the way, searching wildly around

feet can’t carry you now on those weak knees

exhaustion is heavy

oh this sarcastic world,

help has gone, dogs of society unleash their teeth,

the prophets fall, the sun also rises, blood streaked in a tainted sky….


One thought on “World Gone Dark

  1. Well, you do dark very well! I am in despair just reading your descriptions. Well done!! I have hope too and don’t think the world is ending but it is not all perfect either so we can’t ignore some things.

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