Secret Snack Time Confessions


Sometimes it isn’t always “One for All” or “All for One.” Sometimes it is every man or woman for himself or herself. That’s the way it is when it is “Secret Cheese Time” or “Secret Chocolate Time.” Yes I am ashamed that I sneak around and hide things from my darling boy and my significant other, but let’s be honest here, are you all going to say that you have really never done this? It all began in the 1970s when at home with two sisters. You see, they got hungry too, and were always cleaning up the good stuff before I could get to it. I got to hiding Snickers bars. At first, in spare dishes that we hardly ever used, one time in my mom’s coffee maker (which sadly, she discovered but too late, it was saturated) 😦 Those rarely used holiday dishes turned out to be the best stash, and I have to give myself kudos…they were rarely discovered. There are just some days when you need a moment to yourself, plus you might be down to just those last few slices of cheese. I am talking about aged cheddar, and how can you possibly share that? Even if you promised love everlasting to someone, I mean, does that include the last bite of cheese? Then there is chocolate, and I surely don’t have to tell you about the wonderful, smooth, luscious flavor of the probably-most-popular weakness of the American woman. But you have to be careful with this, chocolate leaves crumbs. If your significant other is older and maybe he can’t see as well as he did when he was a hot twenty-five year old rocker in tight leather pants…..but I digress :)….maybe, just maybe he will think those chocolate crumbs are coffee grounds that he has spilled when addressing his morning routine. But sometime he catches you and says, “Hey wait a minute, is this chocolate?” What is perhaps worse than secret chocolate time, happens when you eat his chocolate, and he prefers the milk chocolate, and I the dark. But sometimes, when I get low on the dark one, I eat his to conserve mine, which in reality may be worse than stealing. I don’t know, it is so complicated, you will just have to be the judge, but while you are at it, remember there that nobody is perfect, and it is an inborn response…if we are hungry enough we will hoard food and possibly let our spoiled teenager starve and profess denial to prosecuting musicians 🙂


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