What’s in a Family Tree?

This week I sent my DNA off for analysis for genealogical purposes.
This is a fantastic thing, with just one little sample, the science folks can uncover the mysteries lurking below the skin that make up the individual in all of us. Plus it will allow you to connect with one million of the closest cousins that you never knew you had, which hopefully, they will not be serial killers, stalkers, Charlie Sheen, or Dracula. I cannot wait to see if there are any hidden surprises which maybe my grandmother neglected to tell me. Of course, since I am speaking of my grandmother, I am sure there will not be any surprises. Since I am such a Francophile, I am hoping for some French in my family tree, plus the French have all those cute, little desserts. Then I love spaghetti and Under the Tuscan Sun too, so we could go many different ways here. I love Vikings movies and TV shows, and sometimes I feel really powerful with yard tools on the weekends, so there you go. I just don’t know how many different nationalities can make up one individual, but that could just depend, I suppose. Then another question many people might ask: am I related to anyone famous…such as Miss “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Weatherspoon” 0r maybe, Mr. “I’ve Had A Bit Too Much To Drink And Don’t Photograph Too Well After A Long Night” Noolte. I mean really, you just never know. And let’s not even discuss anyone named Pee Wee. Depending on one’s genetic makeup, you might have a propensity to learn some languages easier than others; for example, maybe all those years I spent trying to master Spanish in college should have been spent learning Ancient Romanian Celtic? We just never know, right? The worse thing as always is the wait….something like three weeks. So it could be another month before I try to send Brad a message. “No really Angie, we are related, it says so right here, or maybe I contact the Queen, or maybe….the possibilities are endless!


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