creative writing

Selective Dating….and Not on Craigslist Either

Are you single, selective and simply too busy?
Are you classified as successful? Are you just sitting around on your alligator wallet stuffed with tons of cash operating with little or no sense? Well are you ever in luck. There are discriminating matchmakers that are found in the back of Texas Monthly magazine, like the ones in Big D with tons of “model quality introductions” and just waiting to introduce some discriminating man. These agencies are the real deal, they have been making love “happen” since 1986, so you are in good hands. Don’t you want to access the ultimate search engine to located arm candy for your next “See How Successful Richard Is” convention? Don’t miss a chance to gloat and exploit these hundreds of super hot chicks who are awaiting their Prince Charming and half of his retirement account. Why not a woman half your age that isn’t wanting a thing except your fancy, smancy sports car? Think of the Facebook photos. Make your friends green with envy! These are just not any ole gals, these ladies are strictly in their 20s and 30s, no old hags here. Nothing to make an awkward situation, if you don’t like what pops up in your search engine, the criteria can be revised. They won’t charge until they get it right, but then you are gonna pay, but those big dollars will be worth every cent. They will charge like the arrogant fool you are.
Now these gals are looking for a “committed relationship” meaning that they would still like you, even if you didn’t have a bunch of money, but since you already have it, it’s okay. So hurry up and make these model quality introductions today where you could actually meet some of these ladies posing meticulously with their heads tilted to the side and a sly look on their faces. It’s much better than what your Aunt Doris can do for you. Hurry now, the love of your life is waiting, contact one of the leading matchmakers today. Don’t forget this is a selective search – for those with discriminating tastes.

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