Carpenter Ant Foray and Tree Stump Art with the Gardener

Spring time insects continued with Dion “getting back to me” on many of my various problems…..
“Meez, I havea something to tell a jou.” Said Pablo with a fornlorn look on his face.
“Jou havea Karpenter Ants. Deese are not a just the regular ants, you see? Dey eat a all the wood, reel bad.”
“Are they eating my wood now?”
“Jess meez, dey are eating jour windows,” says Pablo.
“Good lord,” I say (horrified.) “Do they eat the glass too?”
“No, no eat a duh glass, jus all dee wood around. Evereewhere. Meez, de bug spray that I use, I canna not use on dee Karpenter ants. Dey must havea different spray, jou see? I hafa go OVER THERE and get some a more spray meez. Jou don’t want a jour windows to fall out?”
“No “ I say hesitating. “Maybe I should call the Landlord.”
“Meez, Karpenter ants dhey eat a reel fast, jou don’t want a waste time. So I will hafa come back reel quick and spray uh deese ants for jou, okay?”
“Fine Dion, spray the ants and that’s it for now, okay?”
“Okay Meez, I spray a duh ants reel good for jou, jou see. Oh by dee way, I see the Landlord leave the stump of the tree in the ground. Dis isn’t reel good, jou know? Et attracts de Karpenter ants. How about do something with dee stump?”
“Do what with a stump?” I ask stupidly.
“Weel, I havea dis friend, hee’s name is Arturo. Arturo is a reel good artist. He can carve a dee stump for jou to make a coyote or a bear. Jou see dee stump a two streets over there?
“Hmmm, no,” I admit.
“Jess, jou go over there an look at dee dogs, dhey hada stump from a reel big tree. Ah remove a dee big, big tree cost so much so dhey made aneemals for dee landscape. Jus go over there and see what a jou like an we canna carve dis stump reel good for jou, okay?”?
I smile at Dion. He is one of a kind. At the same time, trust me this will be a LOONG summer.


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