Daily Life in 2009

In celebrity news, early March was not promising. Just more from the Octo Mom whose second publicist quit. When he quit, he said Nadia was “nuts.” Frankly, I thought she was just fine, stumbling around, avoiding questions, and answering with totally off the wall, semi-drunken type responses, it sounded much like Sarah Palin or Paula Abdul. The Octomom also accused nurses of spying on her when she wasn’t out shopping all day. Apparently she also has hateful fans, as one embittered person threw a car seat into the back window of the Octomom’s car. It think this was an accident though, it was most likely a donation instead of a drive-by car seat chunk.

In other news….wildlife. Gentle readers let’s not adopt wild animals for pets, let’s just carve statues from dead trees in our yard. Taking in wild animals is just not a good idea. Let’s leave the chimpanzees, deer, coyotes and even the lovely, little lions in the forest. You see there is a reason they are called wild animals because they are UNPREDICTABLE. Let me tell you, even domestic animals can turn on you, for example, let’s just say that SOMEONE is giving a fuzzy, orange tabby cat (and I’m not naming names….) a bath. It is quite possible, gentle readers, that the certain tabby will claw your arms because they do not like the smell of Fluffy Kitty Shampoo, or the running water, or just the entire bath experience. Then you may look like you have been in a fight somewhere in an ally. So trust me, no wild animals, just the already dangerous ones that are billed as “pets.” So later in the day when you have to go buy antibiotic cream, you can stand in the supermarket check out line and have time to glance through that magazine with Kenny Chesney on the cover and try to read fast enough to determine if anybody will ever say what happened with Renee….

In other news I wasted a good forty-five minutes today. This happened when a relative and her sister called me to come boost them off with jumper cables. Certain relative CANNOT give driving directions. After several cell phone conversations, I find them over at the clinic where they had to go get a prescription for NERVE PILLS. After driving this way, then no that way, then oh no, not there but left, then uh oh by the cemetery, and then uh oh, you know the water tower, how about the old King’s market?…..after that I needed to go in and get some nerve pills MYSELF.

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