Still Stuck in the Trials and Tribulations of….2009

Gentle readers,


I know these are tough economic times, but help me here to understand two very strange robberies. This is February, right? So why do you think someone would want to rob a Bahama Bucks snow cone stand? Good grief, at least wait until JULY when they might be selling something. Next up on the stupid criminal’s list is “Christie’s Toybox.” Now I am not giving anything away here, but I can tell you they definitely don’t sell kid’s toys, so gentle readers you will have to read between the lines to determine just what kind of toys they do sell. SOMEONE, maybe it was Ted, went into Christie’s Toybox last night and stole the following: a) a little money (because times are tough even for adult toys), b) some videos (probably educational ….Ahem…), c) some pills……. wait a minute, excuse me…..just what kind of pills do you think Christie was selling?…..probably not the cough-due-to-cold kind. I absolutely have no idea and all of us will just have to be free to imagine about that.



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