Flashback to 2009 the Octo Dilemma…

February 2009:


I had a flu-like illness, always fun. The Gloom and Doom continues with two of the most horrible words in the English language: CUT BACK … OR… how about DOWN SIZE? Cut Back strikes fear in the hearts of the entire female population everywhere. I am sorry, but I’m with Anna Nicole on this when she said, “It just takes a lot to be me.”

This month’s news headlines included the truly strange Octuplet’s Mom. Now I guess the Octo-Mom didn’t get the memo, but people stopped having fourteen kids way back when we no longer needed an army to go out and work in the fields. No, nowadays we wish we had some darn fields to work in. We also wish we knew what work we were supposed to do once we got into the field instead of just walking around with gloves on and looking stupid. Now for Octo, if it wasn’t already disturbing enough that someone who already had six children would actually want eight more, the media discovered a strange coincidence. This involved none other than Angelina Jolie. It appeared that the Octo woman looked oddly similar to Angelina. Not only was she attempting to look like her, she apparently decided to have her own army of kids to further her Angelina obsession. Note to Octo: ANGELINA DOESN’T YET HAVE FOURTEEN KIDS. Don’t get me wrong, most people, including me would like to be Angie, or at least be the Angie with all the money, big lips, Brad Pitt, private jet, but maybe not the Angie toting around an army of kids…nanny, anybody? Who is with me on this?


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