This is Alarming…

What to do when the security alarm goes off…


  1. CIE will ask for a code. Find it.

  2. Silence the alarm by pulling down lower half while waiting for CIE to call.

  3. Send out an email to EVERYONE telling them not be be alarmed about the alarm – that the alarm has been activated and to STAY CLEAR of the area. The area whose space YOU now occupy.

  4. For the formula email – see the template in the draft folder on the computer.

  5. Make sure you are multi-tasking in the correct manner by simultaneously reading and following the instructions and hopefully you have not messed up and the alarm continues to ring alarmingly LOUD.

  6. The draft template will say “An alarm has been sounded in this department (insert name of department). I am in control and not worried, okay so I am adlibbing that last sentence…

  7. If you are taking time to read all of this, you may have larger issues….

  8. Please do not go into that area until you have been notified that the problem has been resolved OR give a canned response… “Alarm Sounded…” “All Clear”

  9. Do not try to figure out who CIE is…because they may come after you.

Your emergency has now ended.





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