Snake Escape

You’re in the jungle, Baby!..Image.

which is exactly what a north Texas woman discovered recently on the day she decided to bathe her three guinea pigs. You know how dirty three little pigs get, right? According to police reports, the 12-foot, yes that’s 12-FOOT-LONG python was returned to its owner (and, it did have an owner, geeky hermit hunk or bodacious beauty with batches of body art, you choose….) AFTER it stopped in the bathroom where the woman had just bathed her pigs…

Police say that the python “slipped” into the house when the woman left the back door open, there is a LESSON here people…after bathing the three little pigs and while putting the critters into their outdoor pens…

Hey lady, we don’t want to be in these pens no more!”


The woman heard “strange noises” when she returned to the bathroom and discovered the snake crawling into the tub.

My turn now.”



She obviously said a few choice words, then called 911. Police and Animal Control officers came prepared and used a city trash can as a temporary receptacle for the reptile.

Can I get a lid over here?”


No guinea pigs were harmed that day anyway…and the three little pigs lived happily ever after UNTIL the next Great Snakecapade.

The End.


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