Maslow’s Hierarchy


Maslow’s Hierarchy is a pyramid model with five stages of needs: physiological, safety, social, esteem, self-actualization. It starts with the most basic and moves upward as the basic needs are met. The deficient (basic) needs motivate people when they are unmet, and the longer they are denied (cold, hungry, uncomfortable), the stronger they become.

Food-Water-Warmth – Security-Shelter –Belonging – Self Actualization – achieve, master, recognition – pursue talent, creativity. A hungry man cannot achieve mastery and recognition, cannot tap creativity until he is no longer hungry.

Hanging on the first rung, she has been there before. Grew up right, not wanting those surroundings. Outside the world is cold and ugly. Her mistakes, the vortex of depression takes hold, drives her down. She must summon courage, tenacity to climb out and up one more time. Possessions lost, scattered about, running from one place to another – a step ahead of the rabid wolf.

Golden days – do you remember your time on the cusp? Long clouded over, beaten down by the concept of want. Now you know little girl what really is important. Somehow, gotta find a way . Work when others sleep. Soul your shoes, find some bootstraps, don’t sink further, don’t fall again. The mirror betrays you. Don’t despair over frailty – believe in yourself.   


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