Crazy Craigslist Comedy

Yet another Craigslist scam, which is why I don’t advertise there. With my luck, the Craigslist Killer would show up and not Hugh and Ruth with lots of cash to buy my slightly scratched, completely rejuvenated, crazy charismatic table from the 1920s.

letters-57266This scam involves job ads. These ads are placed on Craigslist soliciting benevolent souls to place those metal signs to advertise X Scam Service by attaching them onto their car, then drive around town: “Woohoo buy this cause you need it now, you just don’t know it!” By driving a car around town and getting the word out, ad responders can earn compensation.

By answering the ad, unsuspecting victims then receive a fake check in the mail with instructions to cash it, and keep PART of the money….What? Just Part? I’ll bet they are screaming that: “Nobody said Nothing about Part….” They are to keep PART, and send another PART to another address. Now even if somebody lives under a rock, something should sound fishy by NOW…

The local police department cautions us…”Nobody should accept a job offer without first meeting their prospective employer, furthermore, any check received through the mail is more than likely fake/forged – any attempt to cash it might result in charges against the person presenting it – reinforcing the tired, time worn saying “there is no free lunch” …or dinner, or advertising.



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