MMMurder in the Afternoon

So I arrive home, all is well, or is it?

It’s a nice day, the birds are singing (at least in my head). I go inside, put my things down, kick off my shoes, and head down the hallway when I look down and SHAZAM!! right in the middle of my good rug (like the only one that isn’t from Wal-Mart) is…a small, very dead rodent!

Apparently amidst the pier and beams of my old, but not old enough to be an ultra-cool or cosmopolitan house, are some open places where small, furry creatures can gain access. Unfortunately for this one, now lying at my feet, the cats were inside as opposed to being outside tormenting the neighbors’ dog:

“Hey Annie, Woof Woof, I’m thinking of climbing the fence, ha ha – NOT!”  Cat One.

“Annie, let us throw the ball! Oops look behind you, it’s the postman! bahahaha”  Cat Two.

Cats are like that, you know. I’m just grateful that it was: 1) completely dead and 2) no body parts were bitten off. So as it stands now, Cats = 1; Rodents = Zip.


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