Celebs, Cats, and Politics in November 2009

November 2009
Boy I’m glad that the election is over. I was a CNN/MSNBC/FOX news addict for months. That was exhausting. I completely lost track of Britney (almost), she is due a comeback this month. I knew that would happen. Brit was down, but she was never out, take that Christina Aguilera! My latest celebrity watch focus in on little Suri Cruise. I, like millions of other Americans, watch with baited breath to see which coats little Suri will choose for her chilly New York park outings. My cat kids, a.k.a., “the girls” are doing well. I flirted with the idea of putting little Santa hats on them and taking a picture. A big problem when working with cats, gentle readers, is that they don’t always LIKE each other. This can be a very important point. It is so hard to get little hats on them when they do that thing where they paste their ears flat on their little heads.


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