October 2008 Flashback Chronicles

Twilight” came out in theaters. What is this? Have you all been under a rock lately? Well let me tell you, it is the first installment of a horror/love series. It is sort of a combination of Harry Potter meets Anne Rice. Kids, adults, teens, everybody is insane for this story. You have an ordinary teenage girl who falls in love with a teenage vampire (oh he’s been 17 for 100 years or so). But this vampire, Edward, and his family are cool, they are “vegetarians” meaning they only drink animal blood. To top off Edward’s immortality, super strength, etc., he also has a killer sports car, designer shades, a mansion, and just everything that a vampire or teenager would think important. Not only that, but lots of things have changed with vampires from the old days. The new vampires can be out in the sun, they don’t wither, in fact, they sparkle. The fifth book in the series that the movies are based on promises even more liberty with vampirism. In fact, word has it that the last installment will be based upon a “Midsummer’ Night’s Dream.” Sort of Titania with fangs. That might work in today’s world; why couldn’t I have dreamed of sparkling vampires?

Much more disturbing is real life (isn’t that usually the case?) where people BELIEVE they are vampires. Plus there are many different types of “real” vampires these days. They just aren’t after a nice Bloody Mary, no some of them are “psychic vampires” and these are perhaps the most dangerous of all. I believe I have met people, especially teenagers, who have been zapped by these psychic vampires. Let me tell you, those creatures don’t leave much of their victim’s brain power behind. Hence all the empty stares out there.



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