creative writing

Madhatter Alert or Tea Time 101


Dahlings, you are all invited to Tea. The Kellersly House Museum cordially invites you to experience tea in the Kellersly House Gardens. To enlighten those of you who are not tea takers, afternoon tea, as we know it, began in the early 18th Century. Two distinct forms of tea service evolved: Low Tea and High Tea. Served in the “low” part of the afternoon, Low Tea was held in aristocratic homes of the wealthy and featured gourmet tidbits rather than full meals. That’s right dahlings, low tea and tidbits for the folks who would today carry small dogs in their purses.

High Tea, sometimes called Meat Tea, was the main meal of the day for the middle and lower classes, and consisted mostly of full dinner items such as roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas, and, of course, tea. You would, dahlings, think that they have the low tea and the high tea backwards now, wouldn’t you? High tea for low people and low tea for high people.

But find some appropriate attire and come enjoy your choice of finger sandwiches, assorted delectable desserts, and a variety of teas. Stroll back through time with a tour of the Kellersly House Museum. Listen to Billy Joel’s iconic Big Shot song about riding around in your limosene with your fine Park Avenue clothes…. Feel rebuffed by elegant women with their noses in the air. Feel inadequate in your automobile for the same low price. Guess at which piece of silverware to use for what. And show off your hat at the 4:00 p.m. Hat Extravaganza! Hat competition categories include: Vintage, Humorous, Unforgettable, and Children’s Unique! This is HAT not CAP. Tickets cost money, after all there is no free lunch or no free tea. See you there, dahlings, and don’t be late, it’s so rude!


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