Evil Old Woman


Old woman look at you, sitting there with your hooded eyes.

Planning your next foray of greed, ill gotten goods you won by subterfuge.

Body now bent in evil despair, born in the light but you fell quickly into the shadows.

You kissed the ring of the dark one, now you are a destroyer of memories, a tosser of light and truth.

The one that threw her own brother to the wolves, looking on as they tore his flesh and shattered his bones.

Now you are cast deeper in the depths of solitude, waiting as confusion and weakness claim their victory.

The death scowl mars your countenance and decay alights.

Filth and dirt bubble up, displaying the murky truth hidden in your hard, bitter soul.

You sought to end the kind company of beneficent ghosts long ago, a tirade against your mother.

Now you stand marked and aghast, and out of your sour mouth, feathered demons take flight.


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