Oh Slam!

What war matters more – big or small?

Fueled by hatred, conflicts of misunderstanding.

Wars with loud weapons that sear and shatter.

Wars between two people spurred on by revenge.

Angry and abusive, hitting hard, quick fists of pain.

Rage on.

Across the world, another country splinters then unites in contempt, misinformed and misappropriated.

Wars within the conscience of man can kill the will, extinguish the spark of life.

Hate, greed, control, weapons of choice, workhorses of destruction.

For cowards.

Those who despise themselves but must destroy another.

A city of ruin reflected in foggy mirrors of deceit.

Anger, hatred, revenge are monsters of civilization and benevolence.

They always have been.

You who seek to destroy, doomed in your ignorant hatred.


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