creative writing



Pickup Cheetos for breakfast. Do not stop on the cookie aisle while getting the Cheetos, one vice is enough.

Remember To-Do list at work. Remember also that many people function at the 3rd-Grade level.

Find cat de-shedding tips OR build a cat house outside.

Don’t piss off crazy ex-husband when boyfriend is away. Ok then, too late on that one.

Research ways to keep trees alive with no water. Watch Weather Channel for El Nino.

California dreaming of a new, cool city….Try to figure out how to beat the cost of living in a cool, California city.

Buy Classic Rock tickets. Check to see how many original members are still in the rock group.

Go on daily afternoon walk. Remember to avoid Maurice, the Pit Bull’s neighborhood.

Smile and wave at the neighbors. Plot to cut down their annoying wind chimes at 1 in the morning.


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