The Magician

SF 015

The Magician arrives deft in spirit

to beguile and persuade

digging his magic wand out of the sand.


We sit and wait for the Great Heat

and with it, the supreme stillness

pretending it will be enough

to make the journey ahead.

The sorcerer smiles, is it that he speaks the truth?


There is more than I can do here, the summation is much bigger than I am.

Time, hateful thief,eternal antagonist,

you have thrown all my sand from the hour glass.


The magician applies color – a light shade of lavender

over a clueless world, but look hard

still transparent, the truth shows through.


My energy is low, the journey is always arduous

the sorcerer appears and casts a spell…

touched by the wand,

I sleep the sleep of the undead

and one thousand years of dreams.



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