The Decision Part 2…

Bonnie looked up to see a frantic secretary approaching. “Bonnie, did you see the meeting notice I put on your board?” asked Mr. Lucas’ secretary.

“No dear, I just got back in here from the south conference room, you say a meeting for Mr. Lucas?”

“Yes, it starts in ten minutes,” the secretary answered.

“Okay, I’ll take care of it dear, just go on back to your desk, don’t worry.”

Bonnie took a deep breath. She would have to hurry now to take in the muffins and soft drinks, line them up neatly on the tray. But the diet drink fountain was out of syrup, so she would have to climb the stairs again and search for can drinks in the client lounge. Nothing ever worked in this place, lawyers were too cheap to fix anything.

Where was Leroy anyway? Young people today don’t have any sense of responsibility. He was a lot like Clifford. Wouldn’t surprise her if they had met up. Probably knew each other. They’d be going to the same prison, most likely. Why even when Leroy came to work he would disappear for long periods of time leaving Bonnie to clean up. He made long, personal phone calls and socialized with employees on other floors of the building. They didn’t fire Leroy when they caught him sleeping in a vacant office that time, so there was no use in worrying about it.

Load up the muffins nice and neat and head to the conference room, be time to make coffee when she got back. They drank it in like fresh air. Caffeine, muffins, and attorneys everywhere. Bonnie walked down the hall and thought about what if she had a different life, maybe a decent husband. Were there any good men in the world? She had married young and had four children that she had raised alone. She had come home one day to find her husband had taken all his things and left. Three of the children turned out well, but Tessa, the youngest, had fallen in with a bad crowd….


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