What I learned last week…

Weather-wise, which is always fascinating conversation, I’ve learned that here it can be both 9 degrees and 75 degrees all in one week. I learned that a car, even with a newer battery might not start when it’s that cold.

 I’ve learned that, yes Virginia, you can paint your cabinets and have them be contrasting colors…and I’ve learned that there is no guarantee…

 I have also learned that you can cover your floors in brown paper, and it becomes actual floor covering. Oh yes you can!….Just Google it.

 I have learned if you use liquid Rit dye, Red Cherry 301, in your washing machine, in order to upcycle a crummy pair of pants for the new spring season in a trendy color, that you will…Virginia are you listening? You will have to clean it out with a bleach cloth provided you don’t want all your other clothes enhanced by Red Cherry 301 dye.

I have learned that dissenting cats can call a fragile truce or maybe they just wait til I leave…

 I have learned that you cannot store sweet potatoes indefinitely and that you must periodically examine the contents of your vegetable drawers.

 I have learned in the Land of no Water, that sometimes Hope can appear, even if its in a cracked plastic pot, as the tulips that have had no water, peek through the dirt at an uncertain spring.

 Lastly this week, trite but true, I have learned to be thankful. The world is sometimes hard, life is usually tough, people can be mean, days can be exhausting, but if you are still here, as I am, we can live to fight another day…. Peace




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