Blogging 101

 So here I am traipsing about in the blogosphere world of WordPress. This has all been such a mystery: trial and error. I haven’t a clue on so many things. For example, I don’t know how to find other blogs. I know they are there…somewhere. If a person hasn’t liked or followed mine, I can’t find them. Then there’s the RSS feed business, and it doesn’t even have a thing to do with food, but, as I gather, it is sort of a ticker tape for blogs.

I used the handy dandy website templates, but soon I discovered many others out there have complex, multifaceted websites, plus they have mastered the RSS feed and even linked themselves to every available site out there: Tumblr, Flickr, Linked-In, Facebook. Yes these techno wizards are way beyond watching GIMP tutorials in Italian, they know the ropes, and they have a presence.

Meanwhile I operate in a WordPress tunnel, and every now and then I get a notification that all is not lost, and that somebody might actually read this stuff that randomly jumps from my head. Am I worried that Latina cuties are following me? Well heck no. I hope they stay awhile and read, maybe learn a thing or two in the process, as they are quite young to be bouncing around in the blogosphere unsupervised.

I don’t know, but WordPress is sorta like being backstage waiting on the Rock God to appear, and every now and then he jumps onto the stage with a guitar and an attitude, and if you peep from behind the curtain, you too can get a quick glimpse before he vanishes in the roar of the crowd.

Well, all in all, its a learning curve, and so I must. One of these days maybe I’ll have a website worthy of a rock star, maybe I will master GIMP, in Italian and English. Until then, I guess I will worry about content, maybe copyright, building an audience, tackling the crazy e-publishing world of Amazon.com, blindly attempting to be interesting, sometimes even funny, and finding the perfect no-calorie chocolate cake. Peace…


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