Sad State of Society (or Not)

This wouldn’t be funny except for the fact that it kinda is….call it societal decay, moral demise, or just downright bizarre. This involved a family incident whereby a 17-year-old resident was charged with aggravated assault/family violence after he allegedly attacked his stepmother when she confronted him about his wearing her bras. Ok, in today’s world maybe that’s not such a big deal, and in itself, it shouldn’t be, and it’s not the part of the whole thing that bothers me.

 Police officers then went to the address for a Disturbance in Progress that was physical. The perpetrator saw the officers and ran the other direction, then turned around and ran at officers, kicking the patrol unit. Shall we say, Angry Young Man?

 Once the perpetrator was in custody, officers spoke with his stepmother who said she was getting dressed and noticed some of her bras missing. She knew her stepson was taking and wearing them, so she confronted him, only to find he was wearing one of the bras at that time. Ok, this still doesn’t bother me….but then…

 The stepson rapidly became angry and out of control, trying to stab his stepmother with a large bread knife (see what I mean?) He missed, cutting her shirt (well that was lucky), then proceeded to throw his gaming system at her, hitting her in the head. (We knew Xbox was corrupting youth, right?) The stepmother’s glasses were broken in the “disturbance.” The perpetrator then began destroying things in the house and ran out the back where he was confronted by officers.

 Well at least they got him! Anyway, when I first read this I thought it was funny, but in a sad way, maybe it could be filed under Stupid Criminal News or The End Result of Violent Video Games Shooting Enemies Day After Day When They Should Be Doing Something Productive. I don’t know, take your pick!


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