Cattle Rustler

Out in the pasture at night

hiding among the mesquite branches

stalking the soul of beasts

touching your rope

how many this time?

 Spurred by greed

you want what isn’t yours

bully and threaten

force is the only

thing you comprehend.

 Out in prime country grazing land

you have lain your principles down

unrepentant racist that you are.

 You with the empty soul

but with full pockets

you demean the

efforts and purpose of others.

 Cross your path

and you will throw up a fist

but there is punishment

for crimes you do.

 Loud, you are always the loudest

in the room…

you switch moods

like you switch those pearly button shirts.

 Cattle Rustler, you are no victim

you have sinned against many

you self-righteous fool.

 Stalking the cattle

to see which one might bring

the most money

to your pockets.

 Passing the fattened beast

off as your own

like you took money

from the bent old lady’s purse.

 Laughing to yourself

getting away with it all

you are quite similar to

the bloated calf.

 Up ahead the fence is strong

cutting your leg on the barb wire

you can’t bleed

you soul-less cowboy thief.


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