The stone path connects

to places I travel in darkness and cold

in humidity and light rain

I walk the path

I wonder

if I will walk the same way

or choose another path

or keep going

I think I should walk more

or longer

or go another route

I know about exercise

and escape

I also take the same path in the day

hustle and run

make the bus

wind through the masses

It seems I always travel

everyday somewhere to go

something to do

but when I travel on my own time

it’s different

I continue the same way

but one night I decided

to walk to the edge of the creek

and look down into the depths

and search for monsters in the woods

After awhile I decided

to go back home

there I remove the leash

you stare at me as you stretch out on the rug

and I lay back on the sofa

to contemplate new routes.



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