The Southern State of Mind

According to the catchy song of the Zac Brown Band, simplicity and food is worth singing about.  I couldn’t agree more.  A little bit of chicken fried or a chicken fried steak, a cold beverage and a pair of jeans that fit just right (maybe stretch jeans to hide all that chicken fried food).  To partake of fried food, cold drinks with the radio in the background makes it all just about perfect.  Especially if its Friday night which is arguably the best night of the week. 

Now this song goes on to applaud mothers which hopefully everybody, but especially southerners are pretty passionate about.  For those lucky enough to have them, one is never really too old for mama.  Plus she knows all about chicken frying various foods.  To acknowledge that a house might not be much to look at, but is filled with love is maybe not just another southern tenet but also echoed in Indiana’s John Mellencamp and his little pink houses.  Love inhabiting a homestead, no matter what the color is a good thing.

Thanking God for life and noticing the beauty in a sunrise are just everyday simple pleasures worth noting whether or not you like sweet tea or whether or not your pine trees are still alive (those of us affected by the Drought of the Century know this).  Seeing love in someone’s eyes…even if its your dog or your way too furry cat who makes off with the top of your hairspray in her mouth then miraculously finds it at 3 AM; well it’s still love isn’t it? 

Meanwhile you can dream, so dream about a warm spring night, the work week done, the weekend ahead, good music on the radio, enjoying the evening breeze beneath a giant pine tree (or oak, or pecan, or mesquite).  Then add to that a cold beverage, beer or sweet tea, along with your chicken fried or a chicken fry while wearing some spandex jeans that fit just right.  Top it all off with pecan pie and you have an epitome of the southern dream.  Smile.


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