Fear….sometimes closes in, paralyzes, spurs paranoia.  What if, what if…what if one can’t breathe, can’t take another step, can’t keep up, can’t learn, can’t get up everyday to repeat.  Failure, like a black, bottomless abyss, threatens at every turn to knock everyone down and sink them into a place they can never rise from.  The wolf is at the door, no rest in sight, everyday there is countless things to do, stay one step ahead and not succumb to strangulation.  Lying in bed at night, fear comes near and brings desperation to grab with gnarly, thin fingers to choke and extinguish all sources of light.  Once you catch a breath, breathe deeply, realize that fear haunts us all. We are all afraid and when we cease to be so, we are no longer.  Let go of blindness, find hope amidst the darkness, take control, steady your hands, refine your strength, tackle the unknown…

Ok well…next up a humorous piece…ha ha.  Peace everyone…go out and make the world a better place.


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