Mural DowntownLike beauty, art is in the eye of the interpreter.  These days when many downtown areas in smaller cities are deteriorating, you can find murals, dressed up store fronts of vacant old buildings, and other endeavors to remedy the obvious fact that people have left for greener pastures.  This mural was once found around Indiana Street in this small North Texas city.  I went by there the other day and for some reason, a crew of painters were painting it over.  I don’t know if the owner of the building didn’t like it, didn’t appreciate it, or if they have perhaps reimagined another mural to take its spot.  Although I can’t begin to understand this particular drawing, one can hope for something to bring a galaxy of bricks to life, so I hope for a new one.  I am sure that somewhere, there is a downtown full of murals painted on buildings, something for people to look at and ponder.  Something larger than themselves.  Something deeper in a place that is shallow.  Something worthwhile to pursue in a place where nothing much happens.  These are all reasons for painters to persist, and for building owners to jump on the bandwagon.  I vote yes for art, the more, the better, I say….


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