The Sentimental Journey

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs recently celebrated their 70th Anniversary, celebrating long and happy lives, the gift of a wonderful family, and a journey together that began in a honeymoon cottage in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1943, and….

During World War II, a beautiful love story unfolded in this quaint little North Texas Town when a young woman received bus fare from her future in-laws to come here and marry her sweetheart.  This was back in the day when people usually stay married.  They stayed here for a few weeks in a bording house cottage in the middle of a very cold Texas winter.  They purchased food and stored it in an ice chest in the snow.  It rather happened like this….

The Sentimental Journey unfolded when Miss Cele took a bus ride from Rochester, New York to join her beloved, Richard, who was stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base where he proudly served his country by attending aircraft and mechanics school.

Sometimes the best Christmas gift can be bus fare for an important journey in the middle of winter to make a life commitment, share it with good friends,  and to also discover amidst a world of rationing shoes, canned meat, and other war necessities, that love was still in plentiful supply.

As time passes, it is the simple things that are most remembered, like a special day, seventy years ago in a small honeymoon cottage with no refrigerator and snow on the ground, and the promise of a future together.  Everyone should celebrate with Cele and Richard this hallmark  70th anniversary and to also share in this Sentimental Journey as a memorable starting point for a young couple seventy years ago.

The happy couple traveled all over the United States for Richard’s career and retired blissfully in a scenic spot with a nice climate….sounds like a great 70 years to me!


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